Hi Everyone,

My beautiful and gifted friend has just launched her business..Tranquil balance .. She is a very special lady and Im so proud of her new venture.. Please have a little look at Tranquil Balance xxx


Emily – Melbourne


had the most amazin reading from ann marie.. spot on with everything  deffo recommend..thanks ann marie ♡ xxxxxxx


Stevie – Liverpool UK:


I have had spiritual readings from Annmarie many times, I can honestly say she is excellent and i found happiness in what she said thanks lovely xxx


Lisa – Perth


I have had a reading with Annmarie and she is amazing. She was so accurate and it brought me much comfort and peace. Thank you Annmarie.


Bathan – Perth


Thanks Annmarie for my reading, you are always so scarily accurate, can’t wait for the next one x


Alison – Perth


Thank you for my incredible reading Annemarie. Words can’t express how grateful I am to you. The accuracy and relevance was beyond anything I expected. You have an amazing gift and thank you for sharing it. You’re a special lady xxxx


Louise – Perth


When I visited australia back in january, I had a reading of this lovely woman, I have had many readings in the past and am a strong believer, but I was blown away with the time I spent in that room, I got things from my reading which no one could possibly no, it brought a lot of peace n comforte, my reading went on so long as there was so much to talk about, before I even opened my mouth there was so much alredy said to me I just sat there cryin and my jaw open, the things I was told was so accurate and detailed, I get that some people are quite undecided when it comes to havin a reading, but I can guarantee you will change your mind after havin a reading of this lovely lady, I will remember my reading for the rest of my life and the things that where said, it made my worries and anxiety of my loved ones dissapear, I will always be grateful for my time I had getting a reading, thank you so much, and I would urge anyone who can to go see this lady and have a reading, I can honestly say it was the best I’ve ever had


Lora – Liverpool


Annemarie is the bomb. With her beautiful manner and kind heart, how could you not receive an amazing reading. Thanks for clarifying the things I needed to hear, and for the special message for my mother in law – you made her heart sing.


Bianca – Perth


Had a reading earlier in the year. I usually take it all with a pinch of salt but sometimes you have just got to admit that it couldn’t be made up it was too specific to me with things not a lot of people know. I will be going again next year x


Mary – Perth


I had a lovely and exact reading from Annmarie at Tranquil Balance, messages from my pops, my Aunty who had just passed and loads of information Annmarie could not of known been all the way over in oz  make sure you book In for a reading from a very special lady  xXx


Lynz – Liverpool


Thankyou so much Annmarie for the most awesome reading after my Father passed. Everything you said resonated with me 100%, the way you described him was so accurate, and the detail amazing!!!  XLike


Wendy – Perth


I had a Reikki healing session and also a reading. Very restful and informative. Many thanks.


Carol – Perth


Following Reiki 1 Teaching Day:


Thank you Annmarie for a Fantastic Reiki 1 course, lots of information and amazing opportunities to get some hands on experience.
Loved it and cant wait for Reiki 2.



I Highly recommend Reiki 1 training with Annmarie her next course is in October. It was structured, Practical hands on experience, easy to understand and good food and company.

Thank you Annmarie for a Great day x


Pat Reiki 1 training day


Agreed with Pat , lovely day plenty of time to practice ” the craft” and easy to follow instructions, great group of girls.

Thanks so much Annmarie blessings to you xx

Bianca Reiki 1 training day


Thanks for the great meditation session yesterday, you were right, I slept really well last night 🙂


Karen Meditation night

Were do i begin, Absolutely amazing. Trying to find the right words or explain how beautiful my reading was is impossible. Ive had a few readings here and there but OMG, the detail, the connection  and on top of all that a beautiful, warm and kind lady to give that to me. I feel so honoured to have had this experience. Your beyond amazing Annmarie, Thank you

Clare Perth

I saw Annmarie at the Hardware Cafe Psychic dinner night a few months back and although no one came through for me I was gobsmacked at how accurate she was for everyone who was lucky enough to have loved ones come through!! I was lucky enough to receive a free mini reading over the phone for the radio and it was scarily accurate. Thank you so much for your warm words Annmarie your one in a million

Rebekah Perth 

Thank you Annmarie for my reading this morning, you were amazing . I was lucky enough to win this reading from your Father’s Day competition , which I am most grateful for .To have my Dad come through again was awesome , and to bring Katherine with him , was just the sort of thing he would do. He always thought of other people before himself. And yes Dad I’ll be careful up the ladder while painting.
For anyone who has never had a reading , I recommend Annmarie , as she has a wonderful gift . Thank you again Annmarie and bless you xx

Jan Perth 

Oh my gosh…..where do I start?! I have never in my life met someone as amazing as Annmarie! I was blown away throughout my reading (I think I had to pick my jaw up off the floor several times!) as I was in awe of just how accurate she was! I thought I would have been nervous but the entire time I was there all I could do was smile & laugh at all the wonderful messages that were coming through from some of my most adored family & friends that are in spirit.
There is no one that I would recommend more highly and I can’t wait for my next yearly visit!
Annmarie, I want to thank you from the depths of my heart & soul for the time you spent with me. Knowing that I have my angels with me is the most comforting feeling I could ever have.
Thank you for everything and thank you for being out of this world phenomenal…..im so glad our paths crossed!
Till the next reading x

Hayley  Perth 

Hi thanks so much annmarie I came to your show last night and my beautiful cheeky baby boy came through. It’s the first time he has ever come through to me and it was a lovely feeling. It amazes me so much that he showed u all the things he had in his coffin and it made me laugh that u said u had the feeling of being squashed in there because of all the stuff. It was actually a comment I made whilst picking his coffin cos I got the bigger one because I didn’t want him to be squashed lol. Thankyou so much for the beautiful message xx

Danielle South Perth (Event)

A Beautiful teacher, a lovely and tranquil venue and a fantastic group of people. Had the best day doing my Reiki 1. Thank you very much Annmarie will see you for Reiki 2. Xo

Tracey Perth Reiki 1

Fantastic evening with a positive energy which make you feel instantly at peace. Excellent reading with helps move on for a deeper understanding of being loved by the forever sleeping.

Kelly ( Event Perth )

I really appreciated the opportunity to learn Reiki and enjoyed the learning process. The venue is so lovely and it was great to meet you all. Thanks Annmarie. You are a special and lovely person. Cheers Sheila

Sheila Reiki Perth

What an amazing experience it was to meet and then have a reading with Annmarie. To have my Nanna, that passed one month before I was born, send messages of encouragement, admiration and praise was absolutely brilliant. Annmarie thank you for using the gift that you have been given to deliver messages from the other side- you are truly amazing

Meegan Perth

Absolutely amazing reading. My wife was in tears when I was telling her about. Fantastic experience. Thank you so much x

Lawrie Perth

If anyone is considering going to see Annmarie to connect with their loved ones, I say do it!!
My son came through and the messages and information I received was 100% accurate. Being able to communicate with my boy and knowing he is still with us is the best gift I could of ever received.
Thank you Annmarie for helping me to heal and smile again

Mel  Perth

I didn’t need to contact a loved one, as much as I needed direction, as I knew I was off my path but was too chicken to get back on. As soon as Annmarie made contact with my deceased grandfather and said he was tapping his toes and getting restless waiting for me to get started .. I knew she was for real.
My family all thank you Annmarie, because I am now ready to get on with it.
Still scared but I’m about to dive in.
Thank you so much … x

Joanne Perth

Awesome reading. On point the whole way. Comfortable environment, and everything just flowed so nicely. Cant wait to go back and have another reading next year. One of the best readings I’ve had. Thanks Annmarie xx

Gemma Perth 

Last night I had the most accurate readings I’ve ever had! Thank you so much for giving us the closure we needed. We are both so happy knowing our baby girl is safe with her aunty. I will definitely be in contact with you to have a party very soon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx

Pamela Perth ( Event) 

Annmarie makes you feel so welcome in her home . It was the most amazing experience I’ve had and I felt amazing after our session. Thank you for an amazing experience and your kindness. I cannot thank you enough.

Anna Perth 

Had my first reading with Annmarie today and it was truly wonderful….I can’t thank Annmarie enough…I was nervous at first but within seconds felt comfortable and very welcome…The messages I received today was just what I needed

Gillian Perth 

I had a psychic high tea yesterday (halloween). Annmarie did 7 readings which were all spot on. Thank you so much. You may have made most of us cry but we were all blown away by your superb readings. I would definitely recommend Tranquil Balance to anyone.

Stephanie Perth 

Amazing! It was so comforting to have my Mum and Uncle so close, and be able to communicate with them. incredibly accurate, and wonderful guidance for the future. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift. I look forward to seeing you again in the future xx

Angela Perth