21/07/2018 @ 9:30 am – 4:00 pm
Northern Suburbs
Annmarie Lord
Psychic Development Beginners Workshop @ Northern Suburbs

Psychic Development Beginners Workshop

If you’ve ever fancied peeking behind the curtain of your own psychic abilities, or you’d love to connect with yourself and others on a deeper, more spiritual level, then join Annmarie with her unique style of teaching as she helps you develop your own gift psychic gift.
This intimate and specialised workshop is always a sell-out and is run only a handful of times per year.

Just some of the topics we discuss include:


Intuition: The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning. Oxford Dictionary. 
Call it what you may, gut feeling, a hunch, a feeling in one’s bones – we’ve all got an intuition and it’s up to us whether we chose to listen to it, or ignore it. Somehow though, it always knows the right answer! By attending this course you can discover how to further enhance your sense of intuition, and as a result, make better life choices.
You will be given insight into connecting with your own intuition to help enable you to make informed life choices through your own guidance. Not only this, but you’ll develop a greater understanding of others with these new tools too.

Psychic Protection

I’ll give you the tools you need to protect yourself from the negative energies and intense emotions that surround us every day. This can be within challenging people we come across or in particular working environments such as hospitals, or other for spiritual healers. It’s also an incredible tool to have to hand if you are sensitive or a natural empath, and for parents of teenagers who want to pass on their new found skill.

Psychic Tools

Psychic Tools include things such as Oracle Cards, Meditation, Crystals or Pendulums to help tune into and connect with our skills. I’ll discuss the benefits of these with you and you can make an informed decision of which tool to arm yourself with when stepping into your new journey.

Auric Fields and Colours

Your aura is an extension of you. It is the energy field that surrounds your body. Ensuring your auric field is cleansed, strong and complete, will bring optimal health and wellbeing to you! We discuss how to cleanse your auric field and excitingly, how to read and understand the colours of the aura.


Psychometry is the ability to discover facts about an event or person by touching inanimate objects associated with them. We will delve into this phenomenon and discover how to tune into this with the help of your own psychic abilities.

Etheric Cord Cutting

Etheric Cord Cutting is a tool to cut the connection between yourself and a negative energy that may be weighing you down, often from another person or past situation. You will be able to cut this free from your life enabling you to move forward freely, ensuring you aren’t emotionally or spiritually drained.


TESTIMONIAL: ”I have just completed a Psychic Development Workshop with Annmarie and it was truly amazing. I loved every minute of it. I learned some invaluable lessons and it made my understanding of mediumship a lot clearer. I will certainly do further workshops with Annmarie in the future!” Jackie.B.

This is a full day workshop 9.30am -4.pm

Northern Suburbs


Morning Tea provided. Please bring your own lunch.