Mindfulness Podcast #1

8 Transformational Steps To Freedom
Step one “Mindfulness.”

Listen as Annmarie explains how to bring mindfulness into your working day. Simple technic and very effective.


8 Transformational Steps To Freedom, My Journey

Let me take you on my journey.

Listen as I share with you how I created freedom in my life using what I now call my eight transformational steps to freedom.

How I created a positive mindset and set myself free to live the life, I have today.

FREE Cord Cutting Mediation

Set Yourself free from past situations and people that no longer serve you any purpose. Some situations or people may drain your energy and stop you from moving forward, start to cut your cords today.

This meditation should be done daily for 30 days consecutively so as to embed into your subconscious mind becoming your […]

Numbers what do they mean to you ?

Do You see numbers everywhere?
What do they mean for us when we see them ?

Do you see 111 or 333 or 999 ?
Listen as i give you an insight as to what the numbers mean for me and you.
Podcast The spiritual life with Annmarie Lord https://www.instagram.com/annmarietranquilbalance/



Psychic Development Course Attended with Tony Stockwell and Lynn Probert

I Had the pleasure of attending a Psychic development course in March 2018 with the amazingly talented Tony Stockwell and Lynn Probert. Heres my take on the two days

Abundance Mindset Tips

Annmarie explains some of the information from The Abundance Mindset Seminars


Radio Interview With Pete Price From Liverpool’s Radio City

Listen as i am interviewed  by the legendary Pete Price from the Uk’s Radio City in Liverpool.

Lots of Fun

pete price

Free Meditation Pod Cast

Hi Guys this is an introduction about what’s coming up in the next few weeks on the pod cast and what you can expect:

Free guided Meditations

Amazing information on Goal setting
Manifesting your hopes and dreams
How to knock down abundance blocks
Re framing your mind and thoughts for success
Cut the cords to […]

Inspirational interview with Natalie Bradley Arbonne Consultant, Candles sales

An Inspirational interview with the beautiful Natalie Bradley about Mindset Positivity and living an abundant life.

Etheric Cord Cutting Meditation

Etheric cords can keep us attached to our loved ones, friends and happy times, however it can also keep us connected to times and people in our lives we no longer want to feel attached to.
The etheric cord cutting meditation might help set you free.