Psychic readings And Mediumship

Psychic Medium Perth

Annmarie Lord Psychic Medium Perth.
Annmarie gives guidance around health wealth and happiness using Intuition and mediumship.
Her unique connection with all clients helps bring closure, peace, and guidance enabling in most cases positive steps forward.

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Intuitive NLP Coach & Mentor

Intuitive Spiritual Coach and Mentor - Psychic Perth

NLP coaching:

Coaching is imperative for the success of a person. It brings out the best, sharpens and perfects you’re already acquired skills. Having an NLP coach will enable you to live the best life possible and knock down any blocks in business, relationships, health and finances you may have.

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Time Line Intervention

Time Line Intervention:
All your fears and abundance blocks are learned behaviours, using time line therapy we can discover the root causes, without being emotionally involved. TLI will enable you to release negative emotions attached to these event’s, remove all your limiting beliefs, including “not being good enough” around success, finances relationships and health allowing you to create a positive future.

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Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations - Psychic Perth

Annmarie has launched 3 Guided Meditations, Angelic Protective Light, Manifest Dreams and Release Abundance Blocks. All available for instant purchase.

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Annmarie Lord Psychic Medium Perth

Annmarie is a Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Spiritual, Law of attraction Coach, Mentor and Registered Nurse.

Annmarie knew she always had a “SECRET” but chose to turn a blind eye to it. Having children and a busy nursing career, this became easier to ignore.

In 2004, while she was living in the UK, she met Stephanie Swain who worked as a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer and Reiki Practitioner. While receiving NLP and Reiki from Stephanie, they became good friends. Stephanie introduced Annmarie to meditation, Reiki healing and the art of relaxation. This became invaluable in Annmarie’s everyday life as a Palliative Care/Community Nurse.  Through her daily practices of meditation and relaxation,  Annmarie opened a door she thought she had closed forever.  Stephanie knew about Annmarie’s  “secret”, but promised to keep this knowledge to herself until Annmarie was ready to share. To this beautiful friend, she is forever grateful.

Annmarie Lord Life Coaching Psychic Medium Perth

In 2006, Annmarie left England and emigrated to Australia. This is where she felt most comfortable to further explore her psychic abilities. Through doing this she has continued to bring healing, guidance, and peace to many, including herself.
In 2009 she set up Tranquil Balance –  a supplier of new age merchandise, which she continues to do.

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Hi Everyone, My beautiful and gifted friend has just launched her business..Tranquil balance .. She is a very special lady and I’m so proud of her new venture.. Please have a little look at Tranquil Balance xxx
Emily, Melbourne
Had the most amazing reading from ann marie.. spot on with everything deffo recommend..thanks ann marie ♡ xxxxxxx
Stevie , Liverpool UK
I have had spiritual readings from Annmarie many times, I can honestly say she is excellent and i found happiness in what she said thanks lovely xxx
Lisa, Perth
I have had a reading with Annmarie and she is amazing. She was so accurate and it brought me much comfort and peace. Thank you Annmarie.
Bathan, Perth
Thank you for my incredible reading Annemarie. Words can’t express how grateful I am to you. The accuracy and relevance was beyond anything I expected. You have an amazing gift and thank you for sharing it. You’re a special lady xxxx
Louise, Perth
Annemarie is the bomb. With her beautiful manner and kind heart, how could you not receive an amazing reading. Thanks for clarifying the things I needed to hear, and for the special message for my mother in law – you made her heart sing.
Bianca, Perth
Thanks Annmarie for my reading, you are always so scarily accurate, can’t wait for the next one x
Alison, Perth
Had a reading earlier in the year. I usually take it all with a pinch of salt but sometimes you have just got to admit that it couldn’t be made up it was too specific to me with things not a lot of people know. I will be going again next year x
Mary, Perth
I had a lovely and exact reading from Annmarie at Tranquil Balance, messages from my pops, my Aunty who had just passed and loads of information Annmarie could not of known been all the way over in oz make sure you book In for a reading from a very special lady xXx
Lynz, Liverpool
Thankyou so much Annmarie for the most awesome reading after my Father passed. Everything you said resonated with me 100%, the way you described him was so accurate, and the detail amazing!!! XLike
Wendy, Perth
I had a Reikki healing session and also a reading. Very restful and informative. Many thanks.
Carol, Perth
Thanks Annmarie for my reading, you are always so scarily accurate, can’t wait for the next one x
Alison, Perth

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